Polycrystalline battery, component inventory is difficult to digest, price decline has not stopped
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Silicon material price
The price of polycrystalline materials continued to weaken this week. The transaction price in the market was below 60 yuan per kilogram, but the transaction volume was too small, mainly because the execution of pre-orders or adjustment of order prices continued. Next week, the two sides will continue to negotiate December silicon orders, and the price discussion will be more heated. Due to the lowering of the operating rate and the shutdown of the ingot manufacturers, the silicon material plant began to have inventory, and the silicon materials enterprises that were repaired in the previous period resumed production. The overall output increased slightly compared with that in October, but the inventory is still accepted. Therefore, the price adjustment is limited, and most of the purchase wait-and-see attitudes are still strong. It is expected that in the next few weeks, the price of polycrystalline materials still has the possibility of falling prices. Part of the single crystal material, in the silicon material plant continues to increase the proportion of single crystal materials and downstream demand stability factors, the price is still 74 yuan per kilogram, but some manufacturers of single crystal materials prices began to slightly loose, mainly due to recent The decline in the price of polycrystalline materials directly affects the price difference of single polysilicon. Although overseas silicon materials are affected by domestic prices, the prices under the influence of exchange rates are the same as last week.
Wafer price
This week, the polysilicon film continued the price decline last week, each piece fell at 1.73-1.79 yuan, and some wafer prices fell. The panic atmosphere of the market has gradually disappeared, but there is still a little low price to disrupt the market. Affected by the sluggish demand of polycrystalline overall market, the middle and lower reaches of polycrystalline are actually suffering from a lot of pressure. At present, when the inventory of polycrystalline batteries is still too much, the price decline of silicon wafers still exists. Affected by the decline in domestic polysilicon prices, the price of overseas polysilicon wafers was lowered this week, and each piece fell at 0.230-0.233 US dollars. Single crystals have not changed much this week, and each piece falls between 2.95-3.06 yuan. It is expected that the price of the next month will be announced by Central and Longji next week, which will have a critical impact on the silicon and wafer markets. Other wafer factories also maintained last week's prices.
Cell price
The selling of polycrystalline battery is still going on. The mainstream price of this week has reached 3.0-3.05 yuan per piece. The price per watt has reached 0.65 yuan. The current price level is lower than the cash cost level of most manufacturers. Therefore, it is expected that more capacity will be transferred back to single crystals in December, or production will be reduced. The sluggish price continues to affect the overseas US dollar price. In particular, the target purchase price of the Indian component factory is still under test. The transaction price of this week fell to 0.08-0.086 US dollars per watt. Affected by the decline in domestic battery prices, the third-floor capacity price also responded quickly. Southeast Asian polycrystalline cells came to the US dollar of 0.1 yuan per watt. Single crystal PERR cells will start to negotiate December prices next week. From the current situation that single crystal PERC demand is still stable, it is estimated that battery manufacturers will still try to raise prices slightly. The actual transaction is based on December. Component requirements vary.
Component price
Judging from the recent bid opening projects, the price of polycrystalline components is still continuing to drop. The mainstream price has reached 1.58 - 1.65 yuan per watt, and the price continues to go down. The domestic price cuts were also transmitted to overseas, and the US dollar price also showed a slowdown. Part of the single-crystal PERC component, the domestic price has been relatively flat recently, and the overseas price is affected by the pessimistic atmosphere of the peak season in the fourth quarter of this year. The component factory is more positive about the first half of next year.
Photovoltaic glass
At present, photovoltaic glass manufacturers have high visibility, and the supply is slightly tight, there is no inventory pressure, and the price of natural gas in some regions has risen slightly. Based on various factors, manufacturers are re-emerging the next month's gains. However, the current component prices are facing a lot of downward pressure, and the demand situation in the first quarter of next year is not optimistic. It is expected that the price of glass will be sawed by buyers and sellers next week.